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    Mszczonów Thermal Pools is a complex of pools filled with unique, fresh thermal water at a temperature of 26 to 34 ° C, drawn from a depth of 1602.5 meters. The variety of swimming pools’ forms, their depth and the multitude of water attractions will satisfy even the most demanding water entertainment lovers.

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    In addition to all the attractions associated with thermal water and the benefits of using it, we have also prepared a special space for relaxation. State of relaxation and better mood are offered by stay in a salt cave, saunas or in jacuzzi baths. Need more action? Try our slides in the recreational pool.

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    A perfect complement to our offer is a grassy beach with a total area of 10,000 m2, designed for sunbathing in the summer or for other forms of entertainment, depending on Guests’ ideas. There are three beach volleyball courts, an outdoor gym and a playground, equipped with devices guaranteeing great fun.

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    Skating is a great fun, which by the way positively affects the entire body and figure. Buying skates is a minor cost, but if you do not know if this sport is for you, you can rent equipment in our rental and check if you like it. Skating can be practiced at any age, alone or with family. So do not hesitate, come and start skating for good health!

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    For all those who value active recreation, we have prepared 8 bicycle routes and 3 hiking routes. They are characterized by a varied length, which will allow you to adjust your choice to your own capabilities and time. We hope that the marked trails will provide you with many unforgettable moments. Good luck on the trail!

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    We invite you to our sport equipment rental. We provide bicycles, Nordic Walking poles and cross-country skiing equipment. A multitude of tourist routes in our region encourages to personally see their values. Wonderful landscapes and interesting cultural facilities will make every trip for a bike or a longer walk more attractive.

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Mszczonów thermal pools - professionally equipped pool complex with the use of unique, fresh thermal springs, mazovia tourist attraction addressed to people of all ages.

Located just 40 km from Warsaw, the Mszczonów Thermal Pools were built for the residents of central Poland. The Complex is supplied with water at a temperature of 26 to 34°C, operated from a depth of over 1600 m.

The entire facility consists of 5 pools: two all-year thermal pools, a recreational, sports and a children’s pool.

The offer also includes water slides, saunas, a salt cave, beach volleyball courts, a playground for children and numerous other attractions.

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Warszawska 52
96-320 Mszczonów, Poland
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