Thermal water

Thermal waters are very mineral-rich groundwater, the temperature of which exceeds the average annual air temperature in the region. Their benefits were already used in ancient Rome. Today Mszczonów Thermal Pools invite you to take advantage of their soothing effects.

The thermal water used in the swimming pools has been mined since 1997 with the Mszczonów IG-1 borehole from the depth of 1602.5 m from the lower Cretaceous sandstone formations. The temperature of the thermal water measured on the surface is + 42 °C. The total mineralization of thermal water is 459.79 mg/l with the predominance of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates. It is a unique in Mazowsze region, mineralized drinking water, extracted from such a great depth.

The health properties of thermal waters have been known for a very long time. Thermal water acts on the body in three ways: through temperature, mineral compounds and relief provided by the aquatic environment. Exercises performed in water, as a result of its buoyancy, are easier and the heat released by water causes the minerals contained in it to penetrate better into the skin. The heat of thermal waters induces congestion and normalizes tissues, the circulation improves, the painfulness of muscles and joints decreases. Thermal water also has a great effect on the skin. Thanks to calcium and magnesium, it soothes irritations, accelerates healing of inflammation and strengthens fragile blood vessels. Calcium is anti-allergenic and iron improves skin tone. Baths in pools with thermal water are basically recommended to all, regardless of age or disorders. However, they are especially recommended to people during rehabilitation and orthopedic treatment. They are beneficial for rheumatoid and neurological diseases. They are recommended for children with cerebral palsy, who have limited joint mobility, leading to contractures. Thermal water improves mood and induce a state of relaxation.


calcium    60.12 mg/l
magnesium    13.37 mg/l
sodium    29.00 mg/l
potassium    8.00 mg/l

bicarbonate    320.95 mg/l
sulfatic    6.78 mg/l
chloride    9.39 mg/l
fluoride    0.19 mg/l


The pH of the water is 7.6.

The water used in the swimming pools is pollution-free thermal water. In order to preserve their natural properties, they are not filtered or enriched. They are characterized by an increased content of iron compounds, which increases the intensity of their color (brownish-greenish) and the degree of turbidity. For practical reasons, it is not recommended to use white or very light swimwear.

"Considering the high temperature of the water drawn from the intake, the most intentional is to use it for swimming in various types of recreational pools." - quote from balneological assessment performed by the National Institute of Hygiene.


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