Recreation area

  • huśtawka, strefa rekreacyjna

A perfect complement to our offer is a grassy beach with a total area of 10,000 m2, designed for sunbathing in the summer or for other forms of entertainment, depending on Guests’ ideas.

We have placed three beach volleyball courts and an outdoor gym equipped with devices which are almost identical to those in professional gyms and fitness clubs. Exercises on them are easy, pleasant and available to everyone, but above all, combine physical activity with the possibility of being outdoors.

We have also not forgotten about our youngest Guests. Especially for them, a fabulously colorful children's playground was created with sand and polyurethane, non-slip surfaces, as well as devices guaranteeing wonderful fun. Different types of swings, rockers and carousels are distinguished by the use of safe and functional elements, thanks to which the fun is really harmless and pleasant.

  • plac zabaw dla dzieci, huśtawki, bujaki
  • plac zabaw dla dzieci, huśtawka
  • plaża trawiasta z urządzeniami do ćwiczeń
  • plaża trawiasta, parasole zacieniajace, plac zabaw dla dzieci
  • Boiska do siatkowej piłki plażowej
  • huśtawka, strefa rekreacyjna

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