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  • jacuzzi


Among many modern relaxing treatments, it is worth remembering those classic ones that are known for their effectiveness. These include hydro massage in the jacuzzi. Jacuzzi bath deeply relaxes. It creates a state of relaxation and at the same time improves the mood. The beneficial effects of water and millions of tiny bubbles produced by the nozzles have a wonderful effect on the skin and the whole organism. Jacuzzi bath is also an ideal antidote for stress and nervous tension. Boiling, sparkling, warm water neutralizes pain, firms the skin and relaxes muscles. An additional advantage of bathing in the jacuzzi is its help in reducing pressure, eliminating headaches and chronic muscle contractions. Small bubbles, constantly bombarding the body, accelerate the circulation of blood and thus contribute to the stimulation of the process of removing toxins from the body and replacing them with oxygen and nutrients.

OPEN: all year

  • sauna


Steam bath is an ancient ritual that cleanses the body, restores vitality and relaxes. Ancient Romans, Turks and Greeks met in steam baths to subject their bodies to high temperatures, massage and other pleasures. In the baths they held discussions, listened to philosophers and made important political decisions. Stay in our dry saunas, where the temperature varies from 70 to 90 ° C, and humidity from 5 to 10%, allows the body to cleanse toxins, accelerates metabolism, relaxes and relieves tension resulting from stress, improves the heart, regulates pressure jumps as well as improves blood circulation. A dry sauna, due to its very high temperature, is more demanding than a steam sauna. However, when deciding on regular visits, the effects will be visible after a short time. You have to remember that in a dry sauna you can stay for 8 to 15 minutes, and then you should go out, take a cold shower, dry and re-enter. After the third exit from the sauna you should apply the body oil and drink about a liter of water or juice.

OPEN: all year

  • zjeżdżalnie


Our slides will certainly provide the right level of adrenaline and endorphins to all lovers of excitements and crazy rides. In the offer: a red, guttered slide with a length of 60 meters with a designated landing area in the recreation pool area with signaling frequency of slides; a yellow, straight family slide with a length of 12 meters; mini elephant-shaped slide for our youngest Guests, located in a children’s pool.

Red and yellow slides OPEN: from May to September. Mini slide OPEN from June to August.

  • grota solna, jaskinia solna


Salt cave is the latest, original method of using salt for therapeutic and recreational purposes. Natural healing salt contains micronutrients necessary to create a unique microclimate in which the elements so important for health, human well-being and proper work and protection of internal organs are released, they are iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, bromine and selenium, which affects especially the appearance and condition of the skin, as well as copper which has a strong antifungal effect. Visiting salt cave strengthen immunity as well. In order to emphasize the character of the cave and create a specific mood, the walls of the room are decorated with illuminated salt figures, and the floor is covered with salt crystals. Constant temperature, relaxing music and soft lighting allow you to completely relax, isolate and forget about stress. Our cave is equipped with a salt aerosol generator, thanks to which it is possible to recreate the atmosphere prevailing in underground salt chambers. The presence of a dry salt aerosol provides an antibacterial environment with therapeutic properties. For our youngest Guests we have prepared a special corner, equipped with chairs and toys. In fact, there are no age limitations for sessions in the salt cave, inhalation of such a spray is indicated for small children (even a few months old), as well as for the elderly. For this reason, family visits to the salt cave are very popular. Definitely, all healthy people can freely use such inhalations, and certainly, with regular sessions, they will feel the improvement of their well-being. When it comes to medical indications, being in a salt cave is recommended for such conditions as: chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, allergies, hypothyroidism, hypertension, gastrointestinal diseases, dermatological diseases, chronic fatigue, chronic stress or neurosis. It should be remembered, however, that salt inhalations alone do not constitute a therapeutic treatment, nevertheless they can support the effectiveness and consolidation of the effects of proper treatment.

OPEN: all year

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