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Two year-round swimming pools, including one internal, are the only thermal pools in the vicinity of Warsaw, which allow swimming outside, also during the winter. In addition, they are equipped with neck hydro massage nozzles and underwater wall nozzles. Waters used in all-year basins are pollution-free thermal waters that are not filtered or enriched to preserve their natural properties. They are characterized by an increased content of iron compounds, which increases the intensity of their characteristic color (brown - green) and the degree of turbidity. For practical reasons, it is not recommended to use white or very light swimwear.

OPEN: all year

Temperatura WATER TEMPERATURE: 30-34°C
Głębokość DEPTH: FROM 120 CM TO 130 CM
Powierzchnia AREA: 190 M2
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  • wewnętrzny basen termalny
  • zewnętrzny basen termalny
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One of the largest parts of our aqua park is an outdoor recreational pool, also fulfilling relaxation functions. It is an ideal place both for rest and relaxation, as well as for great fun for the whole family. The number of attractions, it has been equipped with, will satisfy even the most demanding water sports enthusiasts. Lovers of water recreation find here: nozzles for wall hydro massage, artificial river with fast current, nozzles for neck hydro massage, air geysers, aerating benches and beds, and a set of slides: gutter - 60 m long and straight - 12 m long. This pool is distinguished by its irregular shape and varied depth, so even those who cannot swim are able to use it. It is adapted to the needs of people of all ages and of various fitness degrees.

OPEN: from May to September

Temperatura WATER TEMPERATURE: 28-30°C
Głębokość DEPTH: FROM 120 CM TO 140 CM
Powierzchnia AREA: 450 M2
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  • basen rekreacyjny, leżanki napowietrzające
  • sztuczna rzeka
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  • basen rekreacyjny, leżaki, zjeżdżalnie
  • sztuczna rzeka, dmuchane koło
  • basen sportowy i koło ratunkowe


One of the attractions of the water park in Mszczonów is an external sports swimming pool measuring 25 x 12.5 meters with six starting posts and an audience. A sports swimming pool is a proposal for those who, in addition to water fun, simply want to swim. The benefits of swimming are undoubtedly huge. Each physical activity has its own advantages, but swimming probably has the most: healthy body, excellent condition and evenly developed muscles are just some of them. This type of activity also allows you to burn a lot of calories, and importantly, it is done in a pleasant way. Movement in water is beneficial not only for the figure, but also for physical and mental health. Its beneficial effects on spine problems and increased muscle tension, often related to stress, are also widely appreciated. Swimming, above all, is the PASSION of many active people. Try it, maybe it will also be your hobby.

OPEN: from June to August

Temperatura WATER TEMPERATURE: 30-34°C
Głębokość DEPTH: FROM 120 CM TO 130 CM
Powierzchnia AREA: 190 M2
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  • basen sportowy, zjeżdżalnie, basen rekreacyjny
  • basen sportowy i zjeżdżalnie
  • basen sportowy z widownią
  • basen sportowy pod wodą
  • pływak w basenie sportowym
  • brodzik dla dzieci ze słonikiem zjeżdżalnią


Attractions for our youngest Guests are very important at the facility. For them, an external paddling pool was created, in which they can find a mini slide in the shape of an elephant and a fountain - a water hedgehog. The depth of the basin (from 20 to 30 cm) provides the children with safe and carefree fun.

A great attraction for the youngest is also a non-slip cooling fountain with 24 nozzles pumping water from the floor at various intervals.

OPEN: from June to August


Temperatura WATER TEMPERATURE: 28-30°C
Głębokość DEPTH: FROM 20 CM TO 30 CM
Powierzchnia AREA: 70 M2
  • basen dla dzieci z fontaną tak zwanym jeżem wodnym
  • brodzik dla dzieci z kolorowymi dmuchanymi kołami do...
  • fontanna wodna
  • basen dla dzieci oraz zewnętrzny basen termalny
  • Fontanna chłodzaca i zjeżdżalnie
  • brodzik i basen sportowy

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